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Welcome to Inter Logistics Group


Inter Logistics Group "ILG” is based in United States. The company was registered as LLC in the state of Illinois with the aim to serve US Government, specifically in overseas missions. Our practical started in late 2011 when we started working on this and the finally we registered this company. The company serves in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Procurements to Government Contractors, US Military, Allied Forces, Defense Contractors, NGOs, Defense Vendors in Country and various destinations around the world.

Our Supply Chain Network is spread over United States, Middle East, North Africa and South West Asian countries in supplying materials and support. Our emphasis and encourage to make maximum purchases within the country to help boost the economy. In addition we always source for best manufactures and major dealers for delivery of right products to our customer. On critical missions / projects, when times matters to our clients, we have abandon options for supplies and working together with our client, we fulfill their demands on agreed time frames.

Our successful history, commitment to excellence and desire to grow has permitted ILG to expand its services and enter into contracts and supply outside the country in fields of Information Technology, Testing Instruments, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Military Training Aids, Combat Support Equipment, Uniforms, Safety Supplies, Automobile Parts, and Oil Field Equipment, .